A former archaeologist, Deb Aronson is an award-winning non-fiction writer. When she’s not gardening, sailing or designing her dream Derby hat (hint, it will include snack food), Deb enjoys writing about ordinary people doing extraordinary things. That list includes, an astronaut, archaeologist, male midwife, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, a rowing team, several novelists, including Judy Blume and Isabelle Allende, a photographer, an architect and a woman who founded a summer camp for foster siblings.

Deb is assistant regional adviser for the Illinois chapter of SCBWI. She has written a biography of children’s author, E.B. White (Rosen Publishing) and contributed to Muse and Ask magazine. Alexandra the Great is her first independent book project.

She lives in Urbana, IL — land of corn, soybeans and cows, and source of the “mighty” Kaskaskia River — with two cats, five sailboats [they are small!], and one husband.

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